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Avoid Pending Foreclosure.
Recover Post Foreclosure.
Whatever your situation,
If our office has contacted
you or a relative,
We can help!

Make the Best of Your Situation


Property loss due to foreclosure, tax sales, or death is difficult for families and individuals. If you are facing a pending foreclosure, we know how stressful that can be. We can help you prevent that by purchasing the equity you have built over the years in your home. You may not have to go to foreclosure!

In some cases we can lease your vacant home and block foreclosure auctions.


If your home has already been sold at a foreclosure auction, usually because of an unpaid mortgage loan or unpaid taxes, the home may sell for more than the balance due on the loan or the taxes owed to the government. If there are no other liens against the home, this overage belongs to the homeowner or heirs in an estate case. Don't go to foreclosure betting on your chances that you will get a refund. This is rare, but if we contacted you, we can help!

Foreclosure Refunds often sit unknown. As a financial asset recovery firm in West Norriton, PA. We audit the government accounts and work to locate rightful owners to help our clients (who may be owed a significant amount of money) get their money back – all with NO out of pocket cost to you.

Customer Reviews

Take a look at customer's experiences with our services. See BBB and Google Reviews.

 Check Received! 

Andy Norris  $20,721.65 recovered

 Got the money we deserved.

Christina Strawn  $17,442 recovered

 I'm so grateful. 

R. B. Harper   $6,979.18 recovered

At Risk Free Refund, we want to assure you we will NEVER ask you to put money up front. 

You are welcome to hire your own attorney, but the benefit of going with us is no money up front for attorneys that are experts in these cases. You don't have to pay your attorney high hourly wages to figure this out. Avoid the stress involved in your case by allowing us to help you with no retainer fee required.


We would count it a privilege to earn your trust and serve you in this process. Risk Free Refund works with trusted attorney local to the courts for each case. 

We can help you get your refund stress-free!  Call us today!    484-212-1927

Foreclosure Overage Refunds 

often remain unclaimed.  Sometimes the government sends notification to the property when the former owner has already vacated the house. The refund sits unknown to it's rightful owner. Often, the government can keep the money after a certain time has passed.

The government has no obligation to track you down and return your money.  We are here to serve you in this process to get your risk free refund.

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