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Risk Free Refund LLC. 


We are a family owned firm offering solutions to prevent foreclosure and options to help recover from foreclosure. We monitor Tax and Foreclosure sales, locate rightful owners, and litigate the process to recover funds.  We operate from Eastern PA and serve clients throughout the United States. We are a registered, tax paying limited liability corporation with the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Corporations, Entity Number 76063746.  

We work in all states with direct business licenses in the states of PA, OH, and FL.  

Florida business license certificate. 

Pennsylvania business license certificate.

Ohio business license certificate.


OH Department of Commerce we are registered as RFR Group OH ltd

We work directly with attorneys and law firms in the local jurisdiction of each case to comply with all state laws and local legal requirements of this process. 


We are always pursuing better ways to serve our customers. We submitted background checks, fingerprinting, and full required documentation and applications to Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds and Pennsylvania Department of Treasury. We fulfilled the stringent requirements to be Registered Finders at the PA and OH state level in the cases where funds get escheated to state treasuries.


Pennsylvania Treasury Certificate of Finder Registration # 0300339-1220.

Ohio DOC Dept of Unclaimed Funds Finder Registration Certificate # 377-2022.

When our family learned about the number of people who are facing loss of their home or have already lost so much - we knew we wanted to help! This is a business we are passionate about. We are followers of Jesus Christ and strive to run our business based on honesty, transparency, accountability, integrity, and love.

It is our privilege to earn your trust and serve you!

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