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Foreclosure Overage Examples

Mortgage Sale Overage

How the Math Works:

$210,000 Auction Sale Price

- $170,000 mortgage debts

= $40,000 Owed to You

Mortgage Foreclosure

You're behind on your mortgage and the lender forecloses on your property.  The property is sold at public auction for $210,000.  The balance of the mortgage was $170,000 at the time of sale.  The difference of $40,000 dollars is your money!  (Note: there may be other items such as legal fees, auction costs, liens, etc. that may reduce the final balance to which you are entitled).

Tax Sale Overage

How the Math Works:


$140,000 Tax sale price

- $32,000 property taxes owed = $108,000 Your Money!

Tax Sale Foreclosure

If you owe $12,000 in property taxes (on your house) and your property sold at a Tax Deed sale for $140,000. The Government will take $32,000 for the taxes owed. So what happens to the remaining $108,000?  It should go to you, but will end up with the Government if you don't collect it in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does this  process work? 
We investigate and research the local or state government sales and financial holdings. We then work to help you prevent foreclosure. If that's already happened, we locate rightful owners to get them a refund. We do the research, filing fees, and work with Attorneys and law firms experienced in Real Estate and Probate Law to collect the money you are due.
All at no out of pocket cost to you.
 How long does the process take? 

Typically, the process takes 90-120 days. It can take longer if probate is involved and it depends on court schedules.

All you have to do is provide needed information, sit back and wait for us to work through the process.
 Can I file for my refund  myself? 
Yes, you certainly can do this yourself. We offer to do the work for anyone who would rather live their lives without having the stress over the legal process, timelines, forms, etc. We will also handle the up front Attorney and filing fees for you.  We have spent significant time to find this money, locate you, and inform you about these funds. We would count it a privilege to earn your trust and to serve you in the process of getting these funds back to you!
 How do we get paid? 
When you hire us to represent you, we will do the research, hire the attorney, file the correct forms, pay the filing fees and handle the process until you are sent a check. We will only be paid a percentage of the money we are able to successfully recover for you. If we fail to recover the funds, you pay us nothing - not even the the legal and filing expenses we invest into your case.
 Wouldn't I have been  told about this? 
The Government is under no obligation to seek you out and return your money to you. They can legally hold your money until proper legal claims are filed to recover it. After a certain amount of time, you may not be able to recover the money any longer and the Government can legally keep it. 
 How do you  determine your rate? 
This is a time consuming process. Different states allow for our company to charge different rates. Many hours of research will go into making sure you are the rightful owner, legally proving this, researching any other liens that are owed the money before you, working with the courts and local or state governments, filing claim documents, etc. Our rates are competitive and allow us to be able to keep working to help people recover money they didn't even know was due to them. 
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